Skin Microbiome Congress Westcoast 2018

53.65914,0.07205 - San Francisco, CA
September 12, 2018 to September 13, 2018
Join 200+ industry experts from multinational pharmaceutical, beauty and personal care companies, along with the independent skincare brands and innovative biotechs who are advancing the field.
Discover the potential of prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic products being developed to protect and promote a healthy microbiome and ultimately combat dermatological conditions from acne and eczema to dandruff and skin allergies. Take advantage of: 
  • Effective Networking – Pre-schedule private meetings with any individual or company onsite using the online meeting scheduler application
  • Cutting Edge Research – Discover the latest advancement in therapeutic & cosmetic products containing live bacteria, bacterial extracts, or active ingredients to promote & protect the skins microbiome
  • Consumer Trends – Understand how consumers trends towards natural, organic products and active beauty are shaping the evolution of products adapted to the skin microbiome
  • Clinical Trials – Explore how to design an effective clinical trial & translate research into clinically & commercially viable therapeutics
  • Competitive Edge – Determine how to differentiate your product line & seize this market opportunity, gaining market share with scientifically backed products
  • Regulation – Understand the different paths to market & regulatory considerations necessary to launch a cosmetic or therapeutic product
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