Skift Restaurants Forum 2018

53.65914,0.07205 - Convene W 46th Street, New York NY
September 24, 2018 to September 24, 2018
The Skift Table Restaurants Forum is a one-day event devoted to the key trends and disruptions shaping the business of dining out. It will feature the nation’s top restaurateurs, key executives, and essential thought-leaders who both shape and understand the consumer behaviors at the forefront of change in the modern restaurant industry. 
Session: Food, Restaurants, and the Age of Meals
Description: While talk of the “end of cooking” is likely overstated (for now), there is no doubt consumers attach more value than ever to brands which can help them to find, create, and enjoy whole meals, throughout the day. This has the potential to upend the entire food industry, shifting the center of gravity to restaurants, retailers, and aggregators, and away from the global food and drink giants who defined branding (and shopping) throughout the 20th century. In this talk, Euromonitor International’s Michael Schaefer explores this long-term shift and what it means for restaurants.
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