Simpósio Ibero-Americano do VLB no Brasil

Sheraton Reserva do Paiva, Recife, Brazil
September 24, 2018 to September 26, 2018
For the 9th edition of the traditional brewery symposium, the event will take place in the third largest beer market of the world which will allow, due the excellent geographical location of Recife city, that different countries of Latin America come together to exchange knowledge about current topics of brewing technology and in addition intensify the networking among the participants.
Speaker Name(s) and Title(s): Angelica Salado, Senior Research Analyst
Session Title: Alcoholic Drinks in Brazil: Opportunities and Trends in Beer
Session Description: Although the Brazilian economy shows timid signs of recovery, consumers remain cautious about their expenditures and are rethinking their purchasing decisions. While some beverages managed to regain importance in consumers’ pockets, others still find it difficult to go back to the same sales level seen during the pre-crisis period. In this presentation, we will showcase the main innovations of the market and performance by alcoholic beverage category. We will also dive into the beer market, showcasing how the industry is positioned and perceived among other alcoholic categories. Finally, we will present how manufacturers are responding to changes in consumers’ purchase decisions, as well as discuss the most important product launches. 
Session Date &Time: September 25 – 9am
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