RISE 2019

Hong Kong Exhibition Centre - Hong Kong
July 8, 2019 to July 11, 2019

RISE is produced by the team behind Web Summit and Collision – two of the largest and fastest-growing tech conferences on the planet.

Leaders from the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups will flock to Hong Kong to share their stories. They’ll be joined by journalists from major global media outlets, hundreds of influential investors, and thousands of attendees for three days of unparalleled networking potential.

Session title: Megatrends Affecting the Luxury Industry

Session description: Consumer activism, behavioural changes and technology advancements, driven by the phenomenon of consumer’s overwhelming dependence on digital devices, are forcing companies to rethink business models to keep up with competitors. In addition, a dramatic change in consumers’ values is underway – a shift in the focus from traditional “transaction value” based consumption to “personal value” based – which plays a powerful role in driving the most influential megatrends impacting consumer markets. In this presentation, we will explore how these factors are reshaping the way companies operate, emphasizing on key megatrends including Healthy Living, Ethical Living, Connected Consumers, Shopping Reinvented, Middle-Class Retreat, Premiumisation, Experience More and Shifting Market Frontiers.

Session date and time: Wednesday, 10 July at 2:30 HKT

Speaker name(s) and title(s): Fflur Roberts, Head of Luxury Goods