Retail Experience. Shopper Marketing & Digital In-store

Moscow, Russia
October 16, 2019 to October 16, 2019

Retail Experience Russia is a conference related to the retail industry. This year the main topic of discussion will be skin care, cosmetics, interactive digital and technologies. Visit their website for more information.

Session title: The Evolving Skin Care Environment: Trends and Drivers

Session description: The presentation is set to inform the audience about skincare environment, trends and drivers. I will cover brief insights about the regional dynamics of the beauty industry and the development of different beauty segments in 2018-‘19. Emphasis will be put on the evolving skincare environment – healthy living lifestyle, back to basics, health as the new wealth, skincare drivers, etc. Also discuss dermo-cosmetics and factors set to boost demand for these products before rounding up with some key takeaways from the presentation.

Session date and time: 16 October 2019/2.30 p.m.

Speaker name: Nadejda Krec, Senior Analyst