REFORMULATE: Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies

September 9, 2020 to September 9, 2020

REFORMULATE: Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies will connect R&D decision-makers across food & beverage to explore next-generation, natural sugar reduction enabling technologies and ingredients. The goal will be to provide actionable insights and approaches to the community to successfully reformulate clean-label, consumer accepted, taste-first, better-for-you, low and no sugar food and beverage products. This event will explore future trends, changing consumer priorities alongside technical, formulation and manufacturing considerations to inform the future of your sugar reduction R&D beyond the use of traditional sweeteners.

Whether you have a product in the market to reformulate or are looking to launch into the growing low and no sugar, better-for-you market, this meeting will equip you with the information and partnerships to succeed.

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Session title: Sugar Reduction – A 30,000ft View

Session description: With consumer eating & purchasing behaviours trending towards healthier, natural, clean-label and generally ‘better for you’ products, and data suggesting that three out of five U.S. consumers would rather cut back on sugar than consume alternative sweeteners, the industry is having to respond fast.

A panel of experts will explore how the industry is changing from a

30,000ft view, discussing:

  • Key consumer trends shaping the sugar reduction landscape
  • The prevalence of new product launches touting reduced sugar claims
  • Novel ingredient announcements and their impact on Food & Beverage formulation
  • The potential impact of increased attention from public health bodies and policymakers on the sugar reduction landscape
  • Predictions for the future of Food & Beverage

Session date and time: 9 September at 4:45 PM Central Chicago


  • Mary Ellen Shoup, Senior Correspondent, FoodNavigator-USA (moderator)
  • Howard Telford, Head of Soft Drinks, Euromonitor International
  • Julie Anne Grover, Principal Scientist, Technology Platforms, The Kraft Heinz Co.
  • Donna Berry, Food Scientist, Editor and Consultant, Daily Dose of Dairy, brought to you by

To understand the implications of these global tax efforts, download this exclusive interview with Euromonitor’s Head of Soft Drinks, Howard Telford, in partnership with Hanson Wade for REFORMULATE.