Dusseldorf, Germany
October 14, 2019 to October 15, 2019

PET packaging stands at the crossroads. It faces its most severe and fundamental challenge yet: Effectively conveying its superiority in sustainability matters over glass and cans to consumers and brand owners – and the entire society. If we fail to address this misconception in the end-user’s mind, PET packaging, and with it the environment is heading for a highly precarious and unstable future.

Extend your knowledge, expand your network and partner with peers in order to create a sustainable way into the future of PET packaging. Dates and locations close to the K show will allow combining two important industry events.

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Session title: The Evolution of PET Bottles in a Sustainability-focused World

Session description: At PETnology Europe 2019, Rosemarie Downey will share insights from Euromonitor’s latest research. The call for sustainable packaging solutions continues with plastics firmly at the centre of this. This presentation will discuss the drivers shaping plastic packaging, also examine current demand and trends for PET in the drinks arena. In 2018, PET bottles accounted for 15% of global grocery sales and enjoyed a more embedded 87% of all packaged soft drinks units sold through the retail channel.

Session date and time: Monday, 14 October at 10:20am CET

Speaker name: Rosemarie Downey