Petfood Forum 2019

Kansas City, Missouri, USA
April 29, 2019 to May 1, 2019

Petfood Forum conferences are focused on providing attendees and exhibitors a productive, memorable and enjoyable experience with something new to offer, year after year. Petfood Forum events are executive-level conferences for the global pet food and pet treat industry, and include an exclusive exhibition of industry suppliers, co-packers and service providers.

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Session title: Premiumization: the evolution of pet food’s most important growth driver 

Speaker name: Jared Koerten, head of pet care for Euromonitor International

Session description: Premiumization has been the growth engine for dollar sales in pet food. At the same time, underlying drivers of premiumization as a megatrend are shifting across industries. In the past, premiumization focused on the betterment of pet owners and their companions, emphasizing health and safety. The future, however, is being shaped by new frontiers in premiumization like curation, partnership and personalization. Sociodemographic trends are creating new frontiers for premium-led growth, as untapped markets and pet owners look for opportunities to trade up.

Session date and time: Tuesday, April 30th at 9:15am