Petcare Innovation Summit

Novotel London West NOW - London, UK
February 27, 2020 to February 28, 2020

With the humanisation trend and changing consumer behaviours forcing some of the industry’s most seasoned pet brands to diversify their existing portfolio, partnering with an emerging disruptor has never been so crucial. Building on success in February 2019, we’ve developed Pets & Money Summit into the Petcare Innovation Summit, taking place in London on 27-28 February 2020.

The Petcare Innovation Summit will connect emerging pet brands with seasoned strategic players and financial buyers to reshape the pet industry through partnerships and innovation. Our focus is on categories including pet food, veterinary health & nutrition, services, technology and accessories. This is the go-to meeting for those looking to meet prospective partners to help accelerate their businesses to the next level, as well as players seeking to build their investment or acquisition pipelines and enhance their product portfolio.

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Session title: Key Trends in Pet Food focusing on UK

Session description: The desire for healthier lifestyles is increasingly transferring from human to pet food, as wellknown pet humanisation phenomenon, particularly in developed markets, is going from strength to strength. To respond to more health aware consumer demands, manufacturers, including the giants Mars and Nestle, increasingly invest in sustainability, with the biggest focus given to sourcing sustainable ingredients. Beyond refining product formulation,manufacturers innovate in processing, introducing new advanced methods, that improve the quality of the final product.

While the key industry’s theme remains to be premiumisation, the economy or valuefor money segment is here to stay. Private labels win the bid on the latter one by offering quality, yet affordable products. Across the board e-channel is gaining ground, offering convenience of home delivery, versatile advice and customisation, putting brick and mortar under pressure.

Session date and time: Thursday, 27th February at 2.00pm GMT

Speaker name: Elif Polat, Senior Analyst – Food and Nutrition