PETAsia & Recycling Outlook

53.65914,0.07205 - Bangkok, Thailand
October 30, 2018 to October 31, 2018

CMT’s 8th PETAsia & Recycling Outlook zooms in on SE Asia’s emerging PET recycling market, China’s PET waste ban as well as innovations in PET packaging.

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Session: What is Asia Drinking? PET Packaging & Beverage Trends 
Speaker: Jarred Neubronner, Analyst 
Asia Pacific is among the fastest growing regions in the world for soft drinks packaging. PET bottles remain a key packaging type, with the bottled water category driving its growth. A new era witnessing the rise of internet retailing and consumer desire for greater convenience has also created further growth potential for PET bottles. Euromonitor International shall examine the latest drink consumption and packaging trends in Asia and discuss growth opportunities for PET bottles in the coming years.
Session Date &Time: Day 1 [Tue 30, October] at 04:45 PM