PATA Webinar: Scenario Planning for International Visitor Arrivals in Asia Pacific – 2021-2023

Thailand (Virtual)
January 19, 2021 to January 19, 2021

Head of Travel Research, at Euromonitor International Caroline Bremmer, in her session Future Outlook for Destinations: Looking Beyond COVID-19 for Recovery speaks on how the inbound market of Asia Pacific was severely affected by COVID-19 with an 83% decline in visitor numbers in 2020. The PATA Visitor Forecasts 2021-2023 report presents three scenarios where total visitor arrivals in the Asia Pacific will recover from 121.8 million in 2020 to 667.0 million, 523.1 million, and 342.8 million in the mild, medium, and severe cases, respectively by 2023. Compared with the 2019 level, the recovery rates in the three scenarios are 96.3%, 74.4%, and 48.7%, respectively. The recovery rate is linked to the evolution of the global pandemic and the economic recovery over the three year period.

During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the report and find out useful insights and analyses for the destinations within the Asia Pacific to prepare for and manage the negative impacts of the COVID-19 on their tourism industries.

Session Title :

Future Outlook for Destinations: Looking Beyond COVID-19 for Recovery

Session Description :

What you’ll learn from Euromonitor’s session:

– The latest global economic outlook based on Euromonitor International’s latest research post-COVID-19
– The historic economic performance of PATA destinations for metrics like GDP, disposable income, and domestic tourism
– The future outlook for PATA destination economies and consumer spending 2021-2024

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Session Speaker:

Caroline Bremmer

Session Date & Time :

Tuesday, January 19, 3PM to 4PM (GMT+7)