Medical Japan 2017

53.65914,0.07205 - INTEX Osaka, Japan
February 15, 2017 to February 17, 2017

MEDICAL JAPAN, consisting of 6 specialised shows, is the Japan’s first trade show which covers all the products/services/technologies for healthcare, clinical testing, diagnostics and medicine. Active negotiations/consultations will be conducted everywhere at the venue. Exhibit at MEDICAL JAPAN, the best gateway to entering Japan market and expanding your business in Japan.

MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 consists of:
·3rd [Hospital + Innovation] Expo Japan
·2nd Medical IT Solutions Expo
·Nursing Expo Japan 2017 – 3rd International Nursing & Nursing Care Expo
·MEDIX OSAKA 2017 – 7th Medical Device Development Expo Osaka
·3rd Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference Japan
·INTERPHEX OSAKA 2017 – 3rd Int’l Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Expo Osaka