Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America

November 4, 2020 to November 9, 2020

As sober-curious consumers embrace new lifestyle choices, the low and no alcohol industry is gearing up for considerable growth in North America. According to the IWSR Global opportunities in Low and No Alcohol report, in the USA alone, 52% of consumers are trying to reduce their alcohol intake. This is in line with the global trend of health consciousness fuelled by wellness culture. But this begs the question is the mindful drinking movement here to stay or is it just a fad?

There is a wealth of untapped opportunity for disruptive start-ups, mid-tier independent beverage brands as well as multinationals, to create great tasting drinks to cater for this growing market. The Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America, November 4,5 & 9 ,taking place Virtually, is your opportunity to meet with incumbent international brands venturing into the low and no alcohol category, innovative and disruptive low and no start-ups, as well as venture capitalists and ingredients manufacturers who are all entering the low and no space.

We will be covering a number of topics including:

• Engaging the consumer: Discover how established and aspiring brands have developed their messaging, packaging and serving methods to meet with mindful drinkers’ expectations.
• Regulation: Get the latest information from Federal and State level regulators on labelling requirements and descriptors, to support your market access strategy.
• Gaining distribution: Learn from successful brands on their key challenges when entering or expanding in the US and Canadian markets.

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Session title: Analyzing the Non-Alcoholic Beer Market in the US

Session description:

• Analysis of the non-alcoholic beer market and comparisons to other beer categories
• Changing consumer base and preferences
• Impact of COVID-19 and outlook

Session date and time: Monday, 9 November at 9 AM Pacific

Speaker name: Aga Jarzabek