KCA Personalised Cosmetic Webinar

May 7, 2021 to May 7, 2021

KCA opens to webinar for its association members, to introduce current digitalised cosmetic trends in global leading cosmetic markets like USA, to benchmark how to overcome the challenges facing an era of digital beauty.

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Session title: Digitalisation and the emerging frontiers of beauty tech

Session description: This presentation will analyze the core values of the Digital Beauty Consumer, a consumer type segmentation in Euromonitor’s Beauty Survey that is changing consumer expectations of brand engagement. It will also delve into facets of the beauty consumer experience that are being redefined by digitlisation, such as hyperlocal product fulfillment services, the changing role of beauty advisors, and personalisation and customisation, two frontiers enabled by beauty tech. Key takeaways and recommendations on how to overcome the challenges facing digital beauty will follow.

Session date and time: Friday, 7 May at 9.30 am KST

Speaker name and title: Kayla Villena, Consultant