International Pet Conference

October 9, 2018 to October 9, 2018
The situation that trade and industry will have to adapt to in the next few years will be the subject for discussion at the International Pet Conference in Budapest on 9/10 October.
The international trade journal PET worldwide from Dähne Verlag and Management Forum of the Handelsblatt Media Group have been jointly organising this event for over ten years. More than 170 delegates are expected to attend the International Pet Conference in Budapest.
In addition to an extensive programme of presentations, the conference offers all participants the perfect platform for international networking.
Session title:
Humanisation: how are consumer lifestyle choices impacting the pet food market?
Speaker name(s) and title(s):
Dan Balica
Food & Nutrition analyst
Session description:
Pet humanization has irreversibly affected the pet industry in the past decade, with key new launches trying to capitalize on the owners’ growing interest in pet comfort and general wellbeing. Whilst most past developments have focused on product content and ingredients, more recent advances probe the growing interest in environmental sustainability that is already impacting other FMCG industries, such as packaged food and personal care industries. The presentation explores the latest developments in pet care sustainability and tackles the main challenges the industry faces from the rise of the Ethical Consumer.
Session date and time:
Wednesday 10th October, 1:45pm
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