INNOCOS Rebound Virtual Summit

July 6, 2020 to July 6, 2020
At this virtual summit we bring together beauty industry leaders and founders to navigate these uncertain and rapidly changing times to propel businesses to succeed.
Highly curated by us, virtual roundtables are specially designed to help you to form partnerships, build new skills and to find vendors so that we can build sustainable,
ethical and inclusive products that speak directly to the new post-COVID beauty consumer.
At Rebound! summit we invite successful business leaders to share their expertise, helping each of you to develop a tailor-made approach that fits your brand history, your needs and your capacities for change so that you can prepare for the changed market environment of a new normal and emerge strong and sustainable.
Session title: Transformation of Beauty in the Post-COVID Era
Session description: As the world grapples with the health, social and economic issues arising from the pandemic, beauty is facing its own unprecedented challenges. Consumer shopping and spending behaviour, as well as lifestyle and social habits, are changing, with some likely to persist beyond the crisis as a ‘new normal’. While many industry segments have been severely disrupted, certain opportunities exist in terms of positioning, brand messaging and consumer engagement in the area of wellness, sustainability and new experiences.
Session date and time: MONDAY, JULY 6, 11:40am EDT
Speaker: Irina Barbalova, Global Lead, Health and Beauty, Euromonitor