in-Cosmetics Global

Porte de Versailles - Paris, France
April 2, 2019 to April 4, 2019

In-cosmetics Global is the leading global event for personal care ingredients. The exhibition brings together up to 800 international exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing and regulatory solutions with over 10,000 cosmetic manufacturers worldwide. It’s the global launch place for innovation in ingredients and technologies, providing high-level scientific education and consumer insights for formulators, R&D, marketing and regulatory professionals.

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Session 1 title: Redefining the Premium Beauty Segment 

Speaker name: Hannah Symons Research Manager – Beauty & Fashion

Session description: “As perceptions of quality and beauty shift, consumers are redefining what luxury means. Fearing for ourselves and our planet, the wellness zeitgeist and burgeoning altruism are reshaping what is coveted. The premium beauty segment and its legacy players are readjusting to a new identity characterized by these reawakened consumer priorities and threatened by a breed of insurgent brands. The repercussion of this is industry democratization and it’s creating opportunities for brands of all shapes, sizes and price points to compete with a meaningful value proposition”. 

Session date and time: Wednesday, April 3rd at 3:00pm CET


Session 2 title: The Evolution of Private Label in Beauty and Personal Care 

Speaker name: Clotilde Drape, Analyst

Session description: “As the private label sector gains sophistication, it is emerging as a threat to beauty and personal care brands. From packaging to ingredients, premiumisation is rife in this space and even the most serious and seasoned beauty consumer no longer views private label as an inferior offering. So, with an increasingly shared consumer base, established brands are waking up to the competition. This presentation will outline the evolution of private label in the beauty industry and explore case studies of private label brands succeeding in their endeavour to establish themselves as serious contenders to household names.”

Session date and time: Tuesday, April 2nd at 3:00pm CET