ICC Hybrid Event: Digital Transformation of Businesses – Challenges and Opportunities

Hong Kong & Online
May 5, 2021 to May 5, 2021

As digital transformation is spreading across various industries, businesses are required to go digital in order to survive and stay competitive. Technologies that seemed unimaginable in the past are now considered essential for any business operation.

Global digitalization has seen China as an increasingly important character in this process. But, what are the new digitalization trends? Are there any legal issues? How are companies complying with laws in China?

To answer these questions, the Italian Chamber of Commerce is delighted to invite you to the following hybrid event: Digital Transformation of Businesses – Challenges and Opportunities.

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Session title: Digitalization Transformation in Asia

Session description: During this hybrid event, Euromonitor will guide our guests through the recent trends in the digitalization transformation in Asia.

Session date and time: Wednesday, 5 May at 12:00pm HKT

Speaker name and title: Emily Leung, Senior Analyst