Eyes on Africa – Understanding the Consumer of Tomorrow

The Maslow Hotel Corner Grayston Drive & Rivonia Road - Gauteng, South Africa
March 12, 2019 to March 12, 2019

On March 12th, Euromonitor International will host for the very first time a conference in Johannesburg, dedicated to top-level managers from FMCG companies, the banking sector, governmental and trade organisations. Euromonitor will discuss trends and opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa that are impacting the African consumers and retailers today and tomorrow.

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•        10:05 am: Global megatrends: Overview of consumer markets 

•        10:30 am: Lay of the land: The macro-economic context 

•        10:45 am: The African retail landscape: Old mingles with 

•        11:30 am Panel discussion – Spotlight on key consumer industries and companies 

Speaker names:

1.        Matthew Carty, Global Director Academics

2.        Protea Hirschel, Consulting Manager

3.        Christy Tawii, Research Manager

4.        Thomas Verryn, Senior Research Manager

5.        David Nyamasvisva, Key Accounts Manager 

6.        Christele Chokossa, Senior Analyst, 

7.        Rubab Abdoolla, Senior Analyst Beauty and Fashion

8.        Bolutife Onaneye, Associate Consultant

9.        Quinton Walker, Consultant

Session descriptions:

– Global megatrends: Overview of consumer markets (Matthew Carty) 

What are the global megatrends? What are the top FMCG trends and industries? Where do global consumers shop? 

– Lay of the land: The macro-economic context 

What will drive potential growth opportunities? How do factors such as spending power, income dynamics and population growth impact future opportunities? (Protea Hirschel, Bolutife Onaneye)

– The African Retail landscape: Old mingles with new 

What are the best ways to reach consumers? How do distribution channels such as online, modern, traditional, informal and illicit influence consumer purchasing patterns? 

(Christy Tawii, Quinton Walker) 

Panel Discussion – Spotlight on key consumer industries and companies (5 min presentation, then a panel discussion 30 min+10min questions)

– What are the leading consumer industries? What kind of products are in demand, focusing food, drink and beauty and personal care industries? What factors are influencing innovation? 

(Thomas Verryn, David Nyamasvisva, Rubab Abdoolla, Christelle Chokossa, Bolutife Onaneye)

Session date and time: Tuesday, March 12th at 10:00 am