Expo Alumínio

São Paulo Expo - São Paulo - Brazil
September 3, 2018 to September 5, 2018
The International Aluminum Congress brings together Brazilian and global industry professionals to present the latest technological innovations and discuss the major challenges of the industry, both nationally and globally. Under the curatorship of ABAL – Brazilian Aluminum Association, the Congress is held during Expo Alumínio and, for the first time, will be integrated to the exhibition floor, expanding opportunities for networking and professional updating.
Session Title: Global Consumer Trends for 2018
Speaker Name(s) and Title(s): Angelica Salado, Senior Research Analyst
Session DescriptionThis presentation will give an overview of the top 10 global consumer trends identified by Euromonitor for 2018. We’ll highlight how these trends are impacting the aluminum industry as well as related industries, such as beverages and automotive.
Session Date &Time: September 5 at 3pm
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