Expo Abinam

Natal, RN - Brazil
September 5, 2018 to September 7, 2018
Organized by the Brazilian Association of Bottled Water (ABINAM), Expo-Abinam is the most important technical fair in the industry, bringing together numerous exhibitors to present the latest launches in machinery, equipment, accessories and services for the mineral water industry. In parallel, the  Congress will bring together over 1,500 participants to reflect on the prospects of the national and global market of bottled water for the coming years.
Session Title: Bottled Water in Latin America: Overview, Trends and Opportunities
Speaker Name(s) and Title(s): Angelica Salado, Senior Research Analyst
Session Description: This presentation will highlight the consumption of bottled water in Latin America and Brazil. We will discuss the performance of the industry through its main categories, highlighting the industry drivers, main trends and packaging landscape. In addition, we will compare the consumption of bottled water to other beverages categories in Brazil. Finally, we will present the forecasts for the next five years, indicating future opportunities and challenges.
Session Date &Time: September 6 – 10am
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