Hotel Enjoy - Punta del Este, Uruguay
November 25, 2018 to November 29, 2018

The Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry (ABIC) is pleased to announce the 26th edition of ENCAFÉ, Brazil’s national meeting for coffee industry taking place to be held at the Hotel Enjoy Punta del Este, Uruguay on November 25-29, 2018. During this three-day event, important topics such as consumer trends, quality, innovation, sustainability and business opportunities will be discussed.

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Session 1 – The Era of Coffee in the World
Matthew Barry, Research Analyst
Tuesday, November 7th at 8h30am

Though the increase in coffee is nothing additional, the nature of this growth is shifting. Development continues, but from a wider range of categories, channels, and occasions, from ready-to-drink coffee to online commerce to coffee shops. This presentation seeks to connect those dots, examining the world of coffee from end to end, and considering what’s next.

Session 2 – The Brazilian Coffee Market: Industry Panorama and Perspectives
Angelica Salado, Senior Research Analyst
Tuesday, November 7th at 9h30am

The economic situation continues to adversely impact overall consumer goods sales in the country, prompting many consumers to re-think their purchasing behaviour focusing on more affordable products. In this presentation, you’ll discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the coffee industry in Brazil.