Connections Adventure

Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico - São Miguel, The Azores, Portugal
October 27, 2019 to October 30, 2019

Connections Adventure connects luxury buyers with suppliers who offer extraordinary travel experiences with a strong adventure element. Following the success of our inaugural adventure event in Slovenia last October, Connections launches the second event of the series in the untouched Azores. One of Portugal’s best-kept secrets, the Azores archipelago is still largely unknown.

Far-flung in the Atlantic, nine exotic islands abound with crater lakes, steaming volcanic waters and dramatic landscapes are scattered 800 miles west of the mainland. Home to some of the country’s greatest natural wonders – abound with crater lakes, steaming volcanic waters and dramatic landscapes – Portugal is a destination that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of adventure.

Session title: The Spirit of Adventure in Luxury Travel

Session description: The global luxury industry continues to enjoy rapid growth, but the negative effects of overtourism are more and more acutely felt in destinations around the world. In this context, the demand for unique adventures has never been so strong among affluent travelers.

However, the omnipresence of social media enables consumers to inform and document their travels; which makes it harder for travel destinations to offer truly off the beaten path experiences. Hence this presentation will not only discuss the main drivers behind the booming luxury adventure market, but also provides ideas of authentic experiences that appeal to high-end consumers,

• from extreme travel activities for sports enthusiasts, and thrill seekers;

• to softer adventures for nature and wildlife lovers travelling with their families;

• and immersive experiences for the solo travellers who have cultural and spiritual aspirations.

Session date and time: Monday, 28 October at 12:30 BST

Speaker name: Marguerite LeRolland, Research Manager