Cleaning Products Sustainability Conference

World Trade Centre Barcelona
November 16, 2017 to November 17, 2017

The conference is dedicated to providing practical solutions aimed at the minimization of the environmental impacts related to the production as well as consumption of cleaning products. The conference will focus on key R&D trends, and innovative approaches toward cleaning products manufacturing, life-cycle sustainability, optimization, and management.

  • The role of green chemistry in sustainable cleaning products formulation
  • Alternatives to animal testing of detergents
  • Safety vs. Sustainability balance issues
  • Strategic collaborations with the common goal: benefits, perspectives, and plans for future partnerships
  • Sound management of the production process
  • Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Profit maximization Balance
  • Producer-Consumer relationship
  • The impact of sustainable production commitment on consumer decision-making process
  • Eco-Balance assessment: sustainability metrics, challenges, and recommendations for more efficient evaluation
  • The future of the sustainable cleaning products industry

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