Cleaning Products Latin America 2021

Virtual Conference (Brazil)
August 4, 2021 to August 5, 2021
Cleaning Products Latin America

For 5 years, Cleaning Products Latin America has been the leading conference that brings together experts and decision makers from across the cleaning products supply chain to discuss trends and challenges, growth opportunities, and new ideas that are inspiring and progressing continued improvement and innovation within the commercial, household, and personal care sectors in Latin America.

By attending Cleaning Products Latin America Online in 2021, you’ll gain expert insights into the emerging innovations, sustainable solutions, product transparency initiatives, government regulations, consumer trends, and new cleaning product technologies that are causing industry disruption throughout Latin America and around the globe, including: Market Trends in Latin America, ​Regulatory Landscape in Latin America, Disruptive Technologies, Circular Economy, Sustainability and Retailer Initiatives, Digital Transformation and Innovating within the Cleaning Products Industry, Clean Labels, Transparency and Packaging Challenges.

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Session title: Let’s Talk About Sustainability

Session description: Sustainability is a hot topic in FMCG. It is not, however, a priority in much of Latin America. Ignorance of the potential risks to the business and brand capital, the lack of concrete government actions and a lack of information regarding its importance to consumers are just a few of the objections companies list when talking about investing in and incorporating sustainability.

Brand strategies focus on putting consumers at the center, and consumers across the globe are increasingly valuing sustainable options regarding plastic, water usage, circular economy models, chemical and non-biodegradable ingredients and energy costs. So, let’s talk about it! How important is sustainability for the company? What specifically is the company investing in regard to sustainability? What is the company’s strategy regarding packaging/renewable energy/water? Are there examples of collaboration between companies that have led to innovation?

In this presentation, we’ll be covering what aspects of unsustainable production could put the home care industry at risk in the future, how companies and governments have designed short-term preventive measures, the barriers to sustainability, and how the strategic focus of the entire industry, accompanied by government efforts, should favor sustainability initiatives. We’ll also cover this from a qualitative standpoint highlighting specific case studies of products and initiatives from around the globe.

Session date and time: Wednesday, 5 August at 10:30 AM BRT

Speaker name and title: Jorge Araya, senior research analyst