53.65914,0.07205 - Tokyo, Japan
October 16, 2018 to October 19, 2018

CEATEC stands for ‘Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies’. Harnessing CPS/IoT to create business opportunities based on co-creation involving a wide range of industries and fields, this event brings the technologies together in one venue that is ideal for the exchange of information. This facilitates the realization of Society 5.0, the ultra-smart society designed to further economic development and the solution of social problems.

Seminar 1: Super Apps: China vs Rest of the World
Speaker: Wee Teck Loo (Global Head of Consumer Electronics Research)
A super app combines communication, search, navigation, commerce and payment into a single platform. China’s WeChat, with 1 billion users, has become the posterchild for this revolution. Please join us as we evaluate these next-generation apps:
Will Super Apps be successful with consumers outside of China?
Should companies give up developing their own apps?
Will consumers in other markets embrace Super Apps?
Seminar 2: Unveiling the Japanese market: Advanced yet closed
Speaker: Hiromi Yamaguchi (Senior Analyst)
Japan is the 3rd largest developed economy, but surprisingly lags behind in technology uptake due to ingrained cultural habits and the aged population. The seminar will focus on Japan’s consumer profile, mobile payments and smart technology. Please join to discover:
Japan in comparison to other Asian economies 
The drivers behind the market trends
Suggestions for reaching local consumers
Future prospects
Event Information: http://www.ceatec.com/en/