Biofruit Congress

October 20, 2020 to October 22, 2020
Event description (100 words or less):
Following the success of the first two international congresses, with over 400 attendees, Eurofresh Distribution Magazine and Fruit Attraction are launching the third edition of BIOFRUIT CONGRESS, this time via streaming ONLINE. The main European purchasing centres and international institutions (including the European Commission itself) will share their analysis and best strategies to respond to the increase in global demand for fresh organics and other sustainable lines.
Consumer behaviour since Covid-19 will be analysed, along with an exploration of ways to optimise the new European Community regulation and other value chains beyond organics, including “flexitarianism”, zero-residue products and bio-dynamic crops.
Session title: The role and development of organic as a product claim and the shifting use of labels to communicate sustainability
Session description: This presentation aims to shed light on the performance and forecast of organic produce in Europe. To fully address these trends, the presentation will also seek to contextualise consumers’ preferences and habits by highlighting the impact of clean label trends and sustainability concerns on consumption patterns and consumer preferences. The use of product claims such as natural versus organic positioning will serve to illustrate these trends.
Session date and time: Tuesday, 20 October at 3.30pm CEST
Speaker: Tea Thaning, Senior Analyst