Biofruit Congress 2019

Madrid, Spain
October 23, 2019 to October 23, 2019

Biofruit Congress brings together leading suppliers, retail buyers and institutions will be sharing their views and strategies on how to fuel the organic market.

Session title:
The strategies that satisfy the diverse European ‘flexitarians’ and the emerging global demand for organic fresh produce.
Session description (100 words or less):
This presentation aims to shed light on the performance and forecast for organic products in Europe. It also seeks to contextualise consumers’ understanding of organic products by highlighting the impact of flexitarian diets and sustainability concerns on consumption patterns and consumer preferences. The reduction of meat and natural versus organic positioning will serve to illustrate these trends.
Session date and time:
Wednesday 23 October at 3:40pm
Speaker name(s) and title(s):
Tea Thaning, Analyst
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