Beviale Mexico 2021

August 5, 2021 to August 5, 2021

Beviale Mexico 2021 will offer live activities like presentations, seminars, and discussion panels, which can also subsequently be downloaded on demand. The networking platform including all features and services will be available to the industry over the entire period.

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Session title: Drinking Trends in 2021 and Beyond for Latin America

Session description: As consumers adjust to post-pandemic living, occasions for drinking are expected to evolve in tandem, notably from large, social events to smaller personal engagements. Using Euromonitor’s Passport database, this presentation will cover the various impacts of Covid on the alcoholic drinks industry such as restaurant closures, economic disruptions and mobility restrictions in Latin America and analyze the resulting consumer adaptations for brands to capitalize on in the coming months and years.

Session date and time: Tuesday, 16 March

Speaker name: Catherine Krol, Research Analyst