Espaço PRO MAGNO - Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 12, 2019 to March 14, 2019

ANUFOOD Brazil is a trade fair exclusively for the food and beverage industries, Inspired by the German fair Anuga, the largest food and beverage fair in the world. Across its ten sectors Agrifoods, Meat, Chilled & Fresh Food, Dairy, Drinks & Hot Beverages, Fine Food, Bread & Bakery, Organic, Sweets & Snacks, Food Service), visitors will find several sources of inspiration and business opportunities.

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Session title: The Impacts of Global Consumer Trends in the Food Industry

Session description: Adopting a healthy, conscious and balanced diet is already an established consumer megatrend, but what are the impacts in the food and nutrition industries? And where is Brazil in this global context of search for health? The Euromonitor presentation will address the main global consumer trends in different countries, as well as their impact in the performance of the major food categories and outlook for the next five years.

Speaker name: Caroline Kurzweil, Analyst – Food & Nutrition