Santiago, Chile
June 4, 2019 to June 5, 2019

CMT’s annual SCAPET (South Central America’s PET Packaging summit) hones in on the region’s PET/RPET packaging investments and expansions. 

The key highlights include:

•        Elimination of single-use plastics & future of packaging, 

•        Impact of recycling on virgin PET demand, PX/PTA/MEG trade outlook,

•        Brand Owners sustainability commitment & recycling strategy,

•        Biotechnology and potential substitutes on PET demand, 

•        Trends and innovations in thermoform packaging, Technology breakthrough: 

•        PET chemical recycling, barrier technology and focus on Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.

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Session title: Regional and Local Opportunities For Pet Packaging In South America

Join this presentation to learn:

•     Consumer trends impacting PET volumes (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Chile, Ecuador, other markets) 

•     Product and package performance in relevant categories (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Chile, Ecuador, other markets)

•     Disruptors: risks and opportunities for PET in the next 5 years.

Speaker name: Andrés Musalem, Senior Research Analyst