28º Congresso Brasileiro da Indústria de Águas Minerais Naturais – Expo ABINAM 2019

Bento Golçalves - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
October 9, 2019 to October 9, 2019

Organized by the Brazilian Association of Bottled Water (ABINAM), Expo-Abinam is the most important technical event in the industry, bringing together numerous exhibitors to present the latest launches in machinery, equipment, accessories and services for the mineral water industry. In parallel, the congress will bring together participants to reflect on the prospects of the national and global market of bottled water for the coming years.

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Session title: Ethical Living: Opportunities for reinventing the mineral water chain in Brazil

Session description: As Brazil shows signs of improvement in the economic context, the differentiation between beverage and food brands goes beyond price: consumers value product attributes, how and where they were produced, what good practices each company and whether the production and distribution process of the products matches their personal values. The global megatrend of Ethical Living highlights the importance of technological advancement to increasingly ensure food safety, transparency and integrity of production processes as important attributes at the time of purchase. Euromonitor International’s presentation shows how consumers have reacted to this trend and how they should affect the Brazilian beverage market in the future – including the mineral water market – by bringing cases from other countries that have been successful in exploiting this trend.

Session date: Thursday, 10 October at 10:30 AM BRT

Speaker name: Angelica Salado, consultant