2020 One Asia Cosmetics & Beauty Forum

Seoul, South Korea
November 5, 2020 to November 5, 2020

Hosted by Korea Cosmetic Association, in this forum, the selected visitors will get actionable tips to how to enter promising markets for K beauty brands and what potentials are there.

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Session title: Beauty and Personal Care in Russia: Main Trends and Developments

Session description: The presentation is set to inform the audience about Russian beauty and personal care market, its trends and drivers. It will cover brief insights about market size, industry dynamics, COVID-19 impact on various categories and other industry performance indicators. The speech will highlight latest trends and drivers among which health as the new wealth, personalization of products, digital engagement, channel shifts, etc. that drive the growth of the beauty market in Russia. It will, also, identify the development of leading companies and brands as well as the importance of Korean beauty brands for the Russian market along with some tips for Korean companies to enter the market before rounding up with some key takeaways from the presentation.

Session date and time: 5 November at 4:30pm KST

Speaker: Nadejda Krec , senior research analyst