15th Lapet

Mexico City
November 28, 2017 to November 30, 2017
CMT’s 15th LAPET, presents latest updates on innovative PET packaging designs and LATAM’s beverages market.
It is themed as the : “A one-stop platform for Mexico’s PET value chain, the 15th LAPET shares insights on market dynamics, design innovations and sustainability approaches.”
 The Key Sessions include:
•        North America & Regional outlook for PET PX, PTA and MEG 
•        Identifying innovations and trends in PET bottling, thermoforming, polyester film, engineering plastics, etc. 
•        Trade issues and Nafta renegotiation impact in the PET value chain 
•        Recycling status and economy issues 
•        Sustainable packaging developments
•        New technologies from blow injection to blow extrusion