Euromonitor’s CSR programme recognised in 2017 GivX Community Value Awards

Over the last year, we’ve been working with social enterprise, Benefacto, to pioneer a new way to record and report our community investment. We entered our community investment data in the first round of submission in the summer of this year and we’re proud to say we’ve won a ‘GivX Award for Community Value’

GivX allows companies to simply and ­­effectively measure their community investment, and to benchmark their ratings against other companies, providing a framework to value our work and one clear output that is easy to communicate. Basically, our GivX score is equivalent to the GBP value of what we give, per every person who works at Euromonitor.

Speaking on behalf of Benefacto, Ben Darlington explained:  “At Benefacto, we believe that, to measure CSR effectively, companies need to look beyond the cost to them of giving, and focus on the actual value created for charities.”

We are pleased to be reporting our community investment initiatives in London through GivX this year. Having a simple way to report and benchmark our charitable giving is a fantastic way to measure the impact we are having on our local community and to encourage us as a business and as individuals to use our time and money in ways to support those around us. And with our enhanced CSR programme starting back in April we look forward to increasing our GivX score next year!