Euromonitor to Speak on Sharing Economy at ITB Berlin Conference


Understanding the demands of consumers has never been as important as it is today. Major shifts are visible in the travel and hospitality industry, with the millennial generation and technology facilitating the growth of the sharing economy. This presentation will present Euromonitor’s latest insights on the sharing economy, with a particular focus on lodging. The main protagonist, Airbnb, has seen intense media coverage, justified by its astronomical average growth of 250% year-on-year for the past 5 years, but there are many other players that contribute in changing the lodging landscape. While hotels still account for 73% of global lodging sales, short-term rentals have been outperforming hotels every year since the economic crisis hit in 2008, and are forcing hotels into changing their business models.

At ITB Berlin, Euromonitor International’s Analyst, Wouter Geerts, will question whether the sharing economy really is about “sharing”, while highlighting the future impact of the sharing economy on traveller behaviour and the established travel industry. With a strategic look at future prospects, and by providing recommendations for industry leaders, this is a must for anyone aiming to stay ahead of the game.

To learn more, join Euromonitor International at ITB Convention:

Date: March 11, 2015

Time: 15:45 – 16:15

Location: Hall 7.1a, Auditorium New York 2, ITB Berlin