Euromonitor to Speak at World Tea Expo 2016


Name: World Tea Expo

Date: June 13-17

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Speaker: Howard Telford, Senior Beverages Analyst

Session Title: State of the Tea Industry: Global Foodservice

Session Description: Built from the data in Euromonitor’s new hot drinks system publishing in January 2016 (as well as insights from their Consumer Foodservice system), Euromonitor’s really in a unique position to talk comparatively, across markets, about opportunities in the segment.  Attendees will contrast the state of retail off-trade tea performance with the foodservice segment. Where is tea (both hot and cold) growing fastest, and where are the opportunity markets? How are local flavours and customs vital to growth in on-trade tea? What types of tea and what flavours do we see driving sales? Attendees will learn how the concept of value through convenience, so prevalent in retail hot drinks, is being effectively applied to foodservice tea concepts and how notions of consumer health are impacting beverage consumption inside and outside the home. Using some of the global reports and data from the 80 markets we research, this session will focus on some of the most interesting and relevant examples of the tea category entering, growing and shaping beverage sales in global foodservice.