Euromonitor to speak at World Conference on Fabric and Home Care


Date: October 6 – 9 2014

Location: Montreux Music and Convention Centre, Montreux, Switzerland

Conference: Euromonitor International is pleased to be a part of the World Conference on Fabric and Home Care a biannual conference which brings together top-level executives from around the world to discuss global research and perspectives on the technology, products, and business trends of the fabric and home care industry. The speakers are considered the best in the business and will deliver presentations on the most important topics in the industry today and what to expect in the future.

Ian_BellSpeaker: Ian Bell, Head of Home Care Research at Euromonitor international

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Presentation Time: Wednesday, 8 October  10.50–11.15

Presentation: Designs on the Future, Now. What Will Define Our Market in 2030 and Beyond?

Presentation Description: Sustainability, the focus of day one at Montreux, will be a key part of a puzzle that seeks to marry the prospect of another rise in demand with the question of limited resources. The world’s population will stand at close to 8.5 billion by 2030, making it more than one billion higher than it is today. That is a lot of new laundry, but where will it all come from?

The geographical focus of laundry will continue to realign with global demographic trends, but also with incomes, technology and evolving washing practice. While the automation of the laundry process, which has typified market development so far, will no doubt continue, can we really rely on the ‘magic washing machine’ to deliver results time and again?

To date, the industry has been able to expand its consumer base to become a very consistent performer, and the long-term future appears bright for an industry which has looked to ‘inclusion’ as a key driver of growth. The idea of inclusion is also set to become a key issue in future; not an issue focused solely on low incomes, but a principle which is also very appropriate to consumers residing in the world’s most advanced markets.