Euromonitor to Speak at VIV Asia 2015

Viv Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

Date:  11th – 13th March, 2015

Event Description: VNU Exhibitions Europe, part of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs, is active organizing trade shows in the field of intensive animal farming for many years and has achieved a high international standard with the exhibition brand VIV. The exhibition program of VIV typically includes companies active in feed milling and supplying feed milling equipment, animal feed and feed additives, animal health products, breeding and housing, meat products, meat processing, packaging and logistics and other services related to the animal protein production industry.

Paula FloresPresenter Name: Paula Flores

Presentation Date:  11th March, 2015

Presentation Topic: Global and Asian Pet Care Trends

Presentation Summary:A global overview of the various pet care categories will be setting the scene for a deeper dive in regional terms. Asia’s performance will be set in context with a focus in key markets such as a Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and China.

Key trends such as humanisation and premiumisation that globally shape the industry will also be analysed as well as socio-economic shifts. These will focus on urbanisation and shrinking household size and rising disposable incomes which play a fundamental role. Indeed, urbanisation and accelerating consumer lifestyles have gone hand-in-hand, with prepared pet food perceived by local consumers as a quick-and-easy solution to provide the nutrition required by their pet.
Finally, global and local prospects for the next five years will be discussed not only for pet food but also for pet supplements, healthcare and accessories.