Euromonitor to Speak at Vitafoods Asia 2014

VitafoodsasialogostrapcmykEvent Dates: September 3 (Wed) – September 4 (Thu) 2014

Event Description: Vitafoods Asia attracts more than 170 exhibiting companies and over 3,000 buyers from across Asia, especially Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Minji KimSpeaker: Min Ji Kim

First Presentation: September 3 (Wed) at 11:20 – 12:00 @ Asia World Expo Hong Kong

Presentation Title: Consumer Trends in Weight Management Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for the Industry

Presentation Description: Obesity is a growing concern in Asia Pacific, and weight management continues to be one of the buzz topics in the region. According to Euromonitor International, the region’s weight management market is dominated by China, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, South East Asian countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and India are showing fast year-on-year value growth and are expected to become key drivers of the weight management trend in the coming years. Although there are several factors that may saturate the weight management market in Asia Pacific, interest in getting slim will continue and further open up new opportunities. In this presentation, Minji Kim will address key trends, challenges and new opportunities of the weight management market in Asia Pacific.

Second Presentation: September 4th (Thu) at 15:30 – 15:55 @ Asia World Expo

Presentation Title: Unique Challenges and Opportunities for Ageing Consumers

Presentation Description: The population of Asia Pacific is ageing rapidly. Japan has the world’s oldest population, whilst other Asia Pacific countries, including South Korea, China and Hong Kong are ageing aggressively. Greying consumers in Asia Pacific have unique characteristics in comparison to other regions. Understanding the needs of Asia’s greying consumers will be important to succeeding in the future development of food and beverage markets in the coming years. This presentation will address specific interests that ageing consumers in Asia Pacific have. It will also identify possible new product developments for the consumer group.