Euromonitor to Speak at Vitafoods 2015

Event: Vitafoods Europe 2015

Dates: 5, 6 May 2015

Location: Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland

Event Description: The dedicated business event for the nutraceutical industry continues to attract a global audience of professionals sourcing raw materials and ingredients within the dietary supplements and functional food and drinks market. Visitors to the event have the opportunity to do business with over 750 global ingredients and raw materials suppliers, network with more than 14,000 influential industry professionals and access over 60 free seminars and presentations.

The annual event showcases thousands of the most innovative ingredients and ground-breaking new products.

Vitafoods registrants will receive an exclusive free Euromonitor market research report


Conference: Can Bakery Deliver More Protein than Dairy – An Overview of the Global Protein Consumption Patterns

Speaker: Lauren Bandy – Nutrition Analyst

Presentation Time: Tuesday 5 May 2015 15:05 – 15:25

Protein is a nutrient essential for growth and survival of humans. Protein is exciting as an ingredient; whilst there may be good fats and bad fats, there is no good and bad protein. Protein appeals to men, women and children. Yet sources and consumption patterns differ significantly among countries.

In this presentation Lauren Bandy will showcase the latest findings of Euromonitor Nutrition, a brand new system which quantifies daily protein consumption patterns, based on a unique approach – measurement of protein content in purchased packaged food and beverages.  Lauren will also provide insight into the structure of daily protein intake, regional differences and a 5-year forecast.


Conference: Winning Strategies in Health and Wellness:  Innovate in Developed Markets and Leverage the Strength of Local Players in Emerging Markets

Speaker: Ewa Hudson – Head of Health and Wellness Research

Presentation Time: Wednesday 6 May 2015 14:45 – 15:05

This presentation provides an overview of the global health and wellness trends. It also identifies key effective strategies for health and wellness players competing in increasingly saturated Developed markets, whose high-spending consumer base is making ever more sophisticated demands: Players must either retain health at the core of the company and generate the majority of its sales from HW or dedicate investment to R&D to turn HW into valuable side stream.

While Developed markets serve as testing beds for sophisticated HW products that will soon be in demand in Emerging economies, the latter are rich picking grounds for the next generation of superfoods and HW ingredients, as was the case with Stevia, which originated from Latin America.

High growth, on the other hand, is the hallmark of Emerging economies. The presentation will also identify the most successful strategies for Health and Wellness companies wishing to operate in Emerging markets, which, owing to the rapidly increasing incidence of chronic disease, are not so different from Developed markets in terms of consumer concerns.


Global Market Theatre: Health & Wellness in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Roberto Fernandez – Research Analyst

Presentation Time: Wednesday 6 May 2015 11:00 – 11:30

  •  Health & Wellness in Europe: Market Overview
  • Drivers in Western and Eastern Europe (trends, case studies, NPDs…)
  • Looking ahead: where is H&W heading in Western and Eastern Europe?


Global Market Theatre: Health and Wellness in Russia and CIS: trends and drivers

Speaker: Anastasija Goncharova – Foods & Nutrition Research Manager

Presentation Time: 06 May 2015 13:15 – 13:45

  • Health and Wellness in Russia and CIS countries: Sizes and dynamics
  • Changing consumer trends and developments in Russia and Ukraine
  • Future drivers and constrains of Health and Wellness in the region