Euromonitor to Speak at Tuttofood 2015

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Challenges and Opportunities for Food Manufacturers: Market trends and future prospects in Packaged Food and Nutrition

Euromonitor is pleased to partner with the AIDEPI association for a seminar to be held at Tuttofood, Milan. The seminar will feature three presentations by Euromonitor analysts specialising in packaged food and nutrition, covering global and Western European trends.


AIDEPI seminar at Tuttofood

Lybra Hall, Fiera Milano, Milan

4 May, 2015, 11:00 – 12:30pm



Packaged Food in Western Europe: Challenges and Opportunities in a Tough Economic Environment

Dimitrios Dimakakos, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor International

This presentation aims to provide a new insight into the size and shape of the Western European market for the packaged food industry. It will focus on what are the consequences of the current financial crisis in Europe on packaged food but also what companies can expect in the future by delivering a forward-looking outlook on several European markets and categories. More precisely, this presentation will emphasize on the performance of the bakery, pasta, confectionery and ice cream categories by communicating the most important trends but also new product developments in Western Europe.


Key Trends and Drivers in Global Sweet Snacks Consumption: confectionery, ice cream, sweet biscuits, pastries and cakes

Lianne van den Bos, Food Analyst, Euromonitor International

  • Where is Sweet Snacks now? Looking at high growth markets as well as high consumption markets
  • What is driving Sweet Snacks growth? Delving into type of  products consumers are demanding 
  • What are future opportunities within Sweet Snacks? where is Sweet Snacks going?


Where are our calories coming from? Challenges and opportunities in Nutrition

Lauren Bandy, Nutrition Analyst, Euromonitor International

The nutritional content of food has become a hot topic over the last few years and with growing concerns about diet-related diseases, the food industry has come under increasing pressure to take actions to help improve consumer food choices. This presentation uses unique data from Euromonitor’s latest research tool, Passport Nutrition, to examine some of the options and opportunities that the food industry can take.

  • Global calorie outlook in packaged food and soft drinks. Including bakery, confectionery, pasta, breakfast cereals
  • Challenges and opportunities for companies: labelling, reformulation and other actions to improve nutrition


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