Euromonitor to Speak at the U.S., Middle East & Africa Grain Forum

Grain Forum

Date: 28-29 January 2014

Location: Doha, Qatar

Speaker: Lamine Lahouasnia, Head of Packaged Food

Presentation Date and Time: 28 January 2014, 09:30

Presentation Title: How the Middle East and African Diet is Changing

Presentation Topics:  Why is global bread consumption on the decline? Is this the case in the Middle East and Africa? What else are consumers in the region eating? These are the types of questions that Head of Packaged Food, Lamine Lahouasnia, will be answering in this presentation ‘How the Middle East and African Diet is Changing’. With its primary focus on how these trends will impact the grain supply chain, this presentation will also feature an outlook on the soya bean market.

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