Euromonitor to Speak at Sepawa 2016


Event Name: Sepawa

Date: 13 October

Location: Fulda, Germany

Link to Event:

Event Description: With over 100 technical and scientific presentations and more than 230 exhibiting companies the SEPAWA Congress is a must-attend event for all involved in formulating Home and Personal Care Products.

Speaker: Ratna Sita, Research Manager, Euromonitor International

Session Title: Is the Death of Ownership the New Normal for the Home Care Industry?: How the Circular Economy will Overturn Our Concept of Possession

Session Description: The advent of the circular economy by necessity will generate a huge amount of change for home care and associated industries; this will certainly be a threat to many established practices on the one hand, but also brings with it an array of opportunity for those willing to embrace change. This will challenge our preconceptions regarding “possession” and “ownership”; these do not purely apply to consumers, consumption and products, but also to businesses, which may find that the area they have carved themselves out is less relevant in the new economic reality. The future for home care will be much closer integration between appliances (hardware) and detergents (software), but also significant change to the relationship between consumers and manufacturers through a product’s lifespan.

Rather than seeing the circular economy as a limitation, it is, in a sense, a chance to throw off the shackles of limitation and seemingly the only means by which we can continue to grow over the long term; continue to offer products which help consumers in their everyday lives without fundamentally impacting the opportunity to do the same for tomorrow’s generation.