Euromonitor to Speak at Probiota America 2015


Event: Probiota America

Location: San Diego, CA

Dates: June 3-5, 2015

Description: The action of probiotics and prebiotics on the gut-brain axis, metabolism, sports performance and much more will take center stage at the Probiota Americas conference in San Diego next month. Speakers from Euromonitor, UCLA, NBTY, Bayer Healthcare, Nestlé Health Sciences, McMaster University, The University of Massachusetts, and more will present cutting edge research and business insights. 

Monica feldmanSpeaker: Monica Feldman – Head of Consumer Health Research

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Presentation Title: The Probiotics Market in the Americas: From Canada to Chile

Presentation Description: Probiotics for human health have undergone an impressive journey of discovery in the Americas. From basic diets and traditional knowledge regarding the benefits of fermented foods and beverages, to the development of specific probiotic supplements, there is a great contrast in the consumption of probiotics between North America and Latin America. But across the piece consumption is growing. Recently published market statistics reveal that consumers in the Americas spent US$10.8 billion in probiotic rich foods, beverages and supplements in 2014, up 71% from 2009.

Monica will report on recent market figures, examine innovation trends in retail markets, and discuss consumer behaviors that are shaping the probiotics industry. Her presentation will highlight:

•             The retail value of the probiotics market in the Americas and drivers of growth

•             Key differentiators across food, beverages and supplements

•             Retail innovation from different perspectives; formulation, delivery, packaging, price and marketing communication

•             The Americas’ evolving consumer – the adoption of health and wellness

•             Future opportunities and challenges across the region

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