Euromonitor to Speak at PETnology 2014


Event: PETnology Europe 2014

Dates: November 10-11, 2014

Location: Nuremberg, Germany

Description: PETnology Europe 2014 will focus on future challenges along the PET packaging value chain to enter new market segments and to keep PET packaging ahead. How will the beverage industry be changing in future? Is the PET industry able to give answers and to supply solutions for upcoming challenges? Are PET bottles and containers able to compete in glass and can markets? Is PET packaging attractive for small and medium-sized companies?

Speaker: Rosemarie Downey – Head of Packaging Research

Presentation Title: Evolving Global Demand and Opportunities for PET

Presentation Description: Euromonitor International will provide attendees with the latest market assessment of the global performance for the PET bottle versus the competition and will explore areas of opportunity, from both a geographic and product category standpoint, with a focus on prospects in the retail channel. The beverage industry and particularly soft drinks will provide strongest growth potential with global retail demand for PET in the beverage industry forecast to exceed 390 billion bottles in 2014.