Euromonitor to Speak at XV FederSalus Convention

Marchio FederSalusDate: 26th June, 2014

Location: Milan, Italy

Event Description: This event will explore the prospects for dietary supplements in the global market and how to deal with the challenges of internationalization. The debate focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the global market and the trends for food supplements. It will also discuss the points of difference between the different geopolitical areas, international regulatory scenarios with a focus towards homogeneous geographical areas, processes and flows of internationalization.


Filippo BattainiSpeaker’s Name: Filippo Battaini, Retailing Analyst, Euromonitor International

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Presentation Title: Global Opportunities and Prospects: Countries, Products and Channels

Presentation Description: This presentation will identify the market potential for vitamins and dietary supplements in South East Asian middle economies, China and United Arab Emirates. It will further analyse the main distribution channels in these regions and the opportunities that multichannel retailing, online retailing and direct selling can offer, with concrete examples of how companies have entered and operate in these markets.