Euromonitor to Speak at International Sugar Organization Seminar 2015

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Event: International Sugar Organization 24th Annual Seminar

Date: Tuesday 17th November

Speaker: Lauren Bandy, Senior Nutrition Analyst, Euromonitor International

Time: 16.35-18.00

Presentation: With increased attention on sugar and the role it plays in diet-related disease, is there such thing as an ‘anti-sugar consumer’? This question will be unpicked by looking at how trends in packaged food and soft drinks have influenced sugar consumption, what the forecast is for the next five years, the potential for reduced-sugar products and what effect the ‘anti-sugar movement’ is having on manufacturers, consumers and policy makers.

About ISO: The ISO is the only worldwide forum for discussions on an inter-governmental level: sugar policy, sugar trade policy and related matters and gives access to members to the know-how and experience of other countries in restructuring their sugar economies.