Euromonitor to Partner with International Luxury Travel Market 2015


Euromonitor International is proud to partner this year with ILTM Cannes by producing an exclusive report on luxury travel trends. Receive your free hard-copy of the report on-site if you’re attending the conference or follow this link to download your free copy.

Date: November 30 – December 3, 2015

Location: Cannes, France

Conference: ILTM is luxury travel’s flagship event, where the world’s very best travel agents and advisors meet the world’s very best luxury travel experiences. A bespoke appointment programme lies at the heart of the event, allowing attendees to choose up to 52 appointments from a select community of elite travel buyers and suppliers.
The report:

Title: Global Luxury Travel Trends Report

Content: Luxury travel has entered a new phase, in which conspicuous consumption is giving rise not only to more meaningful and authentic travel experiences but also to the number of luxury travel companies converting to mobile technology, as a means of boosting the luxury cachet and delivering guests with a state-of-the-art service. Whilst sales in luxury hotels are being led by key developed like the US, an increase in international luxury travel is expected from consumers in emerging markets, mainly driven by booming demand from the expanding middle class and aspirational consumers.

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