Euromonitor to Speak at IFA Berlin 2015


Event Name: IFA Berlin

Date: 4-9th September 2015

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Description: IFA is the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. It presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. IFA offers such a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracts the attention of trade visitors each year from more than 100 countries.

Speaker’s Name: Ratna Sita – Home and Technology Research Manager

Presentation Date and Time: 8th September, 13:00-15:00

Presentation Title: Opportunities for a Connected Home

Presentation Description: This presentation from Euromonitor International will look at who and what creates and drives the demand for the smart, connected home. Pulling data from three of Euromonitor’s respected industries – Consumer Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Home & Garden – Ratna Sita, Research Manager for Home and Tech will identify the products that have potential for growth and how companies can best target consumers as the concept of a ‘Connected Home’ becomes a popular reality.

Gain a thorough understanding of the Hyperconnected Consumer

  • Learn how the demand for smartphones and tablets, allowing consumers to be connected all the time, has reached the mature phase
  • Identify the new wave of connectivity with wearable electronics
  • Understand  the potential of hyperconnected consumers’ growing habit to use these devices to monitor and control their home environment

Examine the rise in smart devices

  • Appreciate smart consumer electronics as the new norm and identify the market beyond portable and wearable devices into smart TVs
  • Explore the concept of “wireless everything” – from printers to headphones, wireless devices are enabling connectivity on the go
  • Learn about LED lamps paving the way to a connected home with more secure, energy-efficient and customised solutions
  • Track the rise in automation with robotic devices – from robotic vacuum cleaners to robotic lawnmowers

Pinpoint actionable strategies to ensure your success in the connected home market

  • Understand the importance for a strong push on Autonomous Wearables that allows direct user interaction and adds further convenience
  • Address security and privacy concerns in product features and marketing activities
  • Identify the right price and retail channel to market product categories